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ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)

Booth: E15

138 Gajeongno,
Daejeon, 305-700 SOUTH KOREA
+82 42-860 6671 Fax
+82 42-860 1177 Phone
Korea, the wasteland of Science and Technology, became ICT leading nation through indomitable will and challenging spirit. During 1990s ETRI once again astonished world by commercializing CDMA for the very first time in the world. In 2000s ETRI developed Terrestrial DMB, WiBro, and 4G LTE Advanced which became the foundation of Mobile Communication. Recently, ETRI is performing ‘communication’ and ‘convergence’ by developing SAN Technology, Korean to English world-class portable automatic interpretation technology, and development of adjustable display technologies, such as transparent display. ETRI continues to dedicate in R&D to maintain its place among world’s best research institutes.


Web 3D
Web Graphics
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Smartphone Application Development