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H11 FORUM8, Real-Time 3D VR Expert
FORUM8 offers solutions for many applications via 3D VR Simulation & Modeling software UC-win/Road.
F05 Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects
Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects is a versatile conglomerate with a focus on providing high end CG, Animation & visual effects training, consulting and IP development services. We have a network of 45+ academic facilities in India and tie-ups with Seneca, Canada and Anglia Ruskin University, UK for accreditation.
F11 Freeform Solution Pte Ltd
FreeForm Solution Pte Ltd is led by a team of experience Design Professionals and user of different solutions throughout their years of experiences. We serve customers throughout Singapore and also part of South East Asia.
D22 Fresbo Pte Ltd
Fresbo develops virtual world technologies and operates its own flash-based virtual world for teens, Fresbo World. It is distributed across most major social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and Bebo.
G14 Frontop Digital Technology Co. Ltd.
We are a 6-year professional company that mainly deals with business of architecture renderings, 3D animations, multimedia, websites design, and virtual reality.