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E21 TQ Global Pte Ltd
TQ Global is a leading game developer in Asia for online PC and game consoles. Its subsidiary, Institute of Digital Game Technology (IDGT) trains technical artists and programmers for game development
I17 Teapot Studio Co., Ltd.
Servies - Creative & Design - 2D & 3D animation - Visual Effect - Game development - New media content
I11 The Monk Studio Co., Ltd.
The Monk Studio is a boutique Visual Effects and Animation Studio specializing in high-quality CG productions, located in Bangkok, Thailand.
E23 Time Voyager Pte Ltd
MMORPG and Game Engine Development
D07 Tobii Technology Inc.
Tobii Technology is the world leader in hardware and software solutions for eye tracking, offering new powerful ways to understand user behavior. Products are widely used in usability studies of websites, software, computer games, interactive TV and physical products as well as for copy testing and shelf tests.