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F26 SAE Institute / Creative Media University
SAE Institute is the world's largest Creative Media training organization. With 57 campuses across 26 countries, students become part of a global community of aspiring and established creative media professionals. The Bachelor degree programs (in the fields of Audio Production, Film Production, Animation, Games Design / Programming and Web Development) are taught in a 2-year accelerated learning format enabling students to become industry qualified and out into the workforce that much sooner. Students can exchange campuses across New York, LA, San Francisco, Sydney, London and many more.
M26 SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Exhibition Management シーグラフアジア 2009出展窓口
Create an impactful first impression in Asia! The right combination of advertising, sponsorship and pre-and post-show marketing opportunities help you maximize your presence and stand out from the competition. Turn heads at SIGGRAPH Asia with these promotional opportunities. 横浜でダイナミックな宣伝を!スポンサーシップパッケージ、会期前後のマーケティング、会期中展示会、および、カンファレンスイベントでの宣伝広告等、様々なPR・プロモーションメニューをご提供し、貴社のプレゼンスを最大限に引き出します。ここにご紹介させて頂きますプロモーションのご提案が皆様のビジネスのお役に立てば幸いです。
G22 Santoku Corporation
Santoku is the seller of Game prototyping software "Virtools" and VR simulator devices, and is the integrator of VR simulation system.
F06 Seoul Business Agency
H17 Shenyang Seven Colour DreamLand Animation Company
Located in the heart of Chinese animation production, we are a original animation production company supported by the Chinese government. Abiding by the principles of Truth, Kindness, and Beauty, we creat innovative 3D, 2D, FlashTV animation and films with oriental charisma.
G26 Sheridan College
Sheridan's world renowned Animation programs are part of the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design: a vibrant international community of the arts dedicated to creativity, collaboration and applied research.
I15 Siam University
After two decades of steady growth and development sustained by devotion to the pursuit of academic excellence.
H15 SideFX Houdini Software
SideFX is the developer of the award-winning 3D software HOUDINI - which is used by leading film, TV, advertising, VR, and video game studios for 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, character FX, lighting, rendering and game tools.
D24 Singapore - MIT GAMBIT Game Lab
The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab is a five-year research initiative that addresses important challenges faced by the global digital game research community and industry, with a core focus on identifying and solving research problems using a multi-disciplinary approach that can be applied by Singapore's digital game industry.
H20 Smart Eyes
Remote Eye Tracking
H21 Stack! Studios
Stack! Software presents Felix, the first fully on-line rendering solution.