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F01 IBM Singapore Pte Ltd
In the era of high definition video, broadband connectivity, and content on demand, the next generation of digital media creators and distributors will require more compute power than ever before. At the same time, the digital media marketplace is becoming more competitive, driving the need for greater efficiency and flexibility. IBM digital media solutions are designed to help the digital media community transcend business and technical challenges and restore creative liberty.
G11 ILM Singapore
The Singapore division of ILM is a full-service effects studio responsible for delivering complete shots and sequences on top tier Hollywood projects. From asset development and digital matte painting, through animation, creature and effects simulation, to lighting and compositing, ILM Singapore delivers cutting edge work for feature films and theme parks attractions. Since it was established, ILM Singapore has worked on a myriad of major VFX projects including the Transformers feature film franchise, Transformers the Ride for Universal Studios, Terminator: Salvation, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Marvel’s The Avengers, and Iron Man.
C18 IdN World
For 15 years, IdN (International designer’s Network) magazine has been devoted to the international design and creative publishing industry. IdN's mission is to amplify and unify the design communities of the world.
D11 Imagi Studios
Imagi Studios' mission is to create a library of high-quality CG-animated feature films to entertain global audiences and to build enduring brand franchises.
H12 Imagimax Co., Ltd
Imagimax is the animation studio in Thailand. We have many working experience with the domestic and international studios on 2D&3D animation, CGI Games, and VFX.
E18 Imaginit Technologies (S) Pte Ltd
IMAGINiT Technologies is the service provider of 3D interactive applications including gaming, design review, visual simulation, e-learning and product marketing. IMAGINiT will showcase the services through videos, movies, and stories on applications that IMAGINiT can help develop for different industries.