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H26 National Yunlin University of S&T
The main incentive is to upgrade national level of design education and foster outstanding design specialist, as well as to enhance quality of instruction, research and service, by integration of in-campus resources and mutual complement of expertise among related insitutions.
G05 New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia
At New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia, students learn traditional forms of the art of animation and explore a sandbox of advanced techniques and digital technologies.
H27 Nosco Consultancy
Nosco Consultancy specialises in 3D modelling, rendering and prototyping products. We are appointed reseller for the following: - Rhinoceros software Flamingo software Penguin software Bongo software Vray for Rhinoceros software Vray for Sketchup software Vray for 3ds max software hyperShot software 3D Systems 3-D printers Handyscan 3D laser scanners Charlyrobot Tobii Eye Tracker *All tradenames used in this website, are the property of the owner of those trade names.