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D12 Media Development Authority of Singapore
Formed in 2003, the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) plays a vital role in transforming Singapore into a Global Media City and positioning it at the forefront of the digital media age. MDA spearheads initiatives that promote development at the same time, in ensuring clear and consistent regulatory policies and guidelines, MDA helps to foster a pro-business environment for industry players and increase media choices for consumers. For more information, visit
E12 MotionElements Pte Ltd.
MotionElements is home of Asia's premium royalty-free motion elements. An online marketplace to buy and sell: motion graphics l 3d models l stock footage.
E05 Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)
MSC Malaysia, a national initiative spearheaded by the Malaysian Government to promote the national ICT industry. It has attracted global ICT companies to develop and host their leading-edge technologies, and support Malaysian ICT SMEs in transforming into world-class companies. Driving this initiative is Multimedia Development Corporation, a unique high powered government-owned corporation. Rhythm&Hues and Silver Ant are at the MSC Malaysia booth in Siggraph Asia 2008. Visit us today!