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5th Kind
5th Kind (previously OTC) is an industry leader in entertainment production asset management and collaborative workflow. Deployed on internal networks or accessed via the cloud, 5th Kind's scalable CORE software organizes, searches, views, tracks and tags any type of digital file, including footage and visual effects, and features a communication module for team collaboration. It also seamlessly integrates with production tools and services such as Codex, Colorfront, ScriptE and Signiant. 5th Kind has managed assets and workflow for over 30 studio tent-pole productions, while Marvel Studios has standardized internal department and external production workflows and archive on 5th Kind.
723 ConceptShare
ConceptShare is a Creative Operations Management platform that structures and streamlines how enterprise marketers and production teams route, review and approve creative work. ConceptShare eliminates the redundancy and inefficiency of routing and reviewing large files over email by allowing teams to quickly and easily capture clear and actionable feedback in one central location. Clients include Full Sail University, Bournemouth University, Macys, HBO CE, Whole Foods, Disney Interactive and many others.
Main Exhibitor
Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA)
KOCCA was established by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to integrate all content genres and enhance synergy effects in the era of digital convergence. Above all, KOCCA actively provides supports to value-added industries such as CG and VFX. In order to promote and nurture content industry, we support international exchanges. Moreover, we actively engage in foreign partnership, host international events, develop policies and conduct training to cultivate creativity in Korea.
Mikros Image
Mikros image is a major player in the post-production industry. With its headquarters in Paris, Mikros image covers all the fields needed by feature films, advertising, TV, corporate communication. Mikros image has opened 2 subsidiaries in Belgium, to grow its activities in Europe. In the US, Mikros image has signed a partnership with the LA post-production and visual effects company Eight VFX to develop a series of common projects on commercials and feature films. In 2011, Mikros image opens a new subsidiary in Montreal, Canada. In Jun. 2012, Mikros image announces the creation of its own animation studio.
Main Exhibitor
NorPix, Inc.
StreamPix 6 high speed digital video recording software and system solutions for video referencing, facial and body capture. Capture synchronized video from multiple cameras with audio, time stamp, LTC timing, and synchronize with Vicon Blade. Compatible with over two hundred brands of cameras including USB3, GigE Vision, 10 GigE, Cameralink and CoaXPress. Will be demonstrating 12MP camera capture solutions in CoaXPress and 10 GigE interface.
Main Exhibitor

Shotgun is a secure, cloud-based review and production tracking toolset for VFX and animation studios of all sizes. It connects teams and complex workflows, makes collaborative review easier, takes non-creative tasks off of the artist’s to-do list and tracks every aspect of the production pipeline from start to finish. Shotgun is used by more than 800 creative companies worldwide, which contribute to the ongoing development of its growing ecosystem of tools. For more information, visit
723 Synaptop
Synaptop™ ( is a virtual online computer that runs on the cloud. Users can store files, run apps, and collaborate. Users can watch and annotate movies together, co-DJ, and work on apps together in real time. Synaptop offers a digital asset management and collaboration platform for the entire movie production pipeline and features innovative video collaboration technologies. Synaptop’s API allows game developers to rapidly build rich, interactive social games. Synaptop™ offers customized business solutions that enable collaboration including a customer service solution (co-browsing with customers), immersive online meetings (slideshows, annotation) and more.