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Imagination Technologies
Imagination Technologies is an international leader in the creation and licensing of semiconductor system-on-chip Intellectual Property. Imagination’s technology across the areas of graphics, video, display, communications, connectivity and processing is licensed by leading semiconductor companies and used in iconic products from many of the best known consumer product brands. Imagination’s Caustic Professional technologies are enabling a real time ray tracing visualisation for graphics professionals. PowerVR is the leading mobile and embedded graphics technology shipped in over 850m products. Imagination provides free SDKs and tools for developers, creatives and education enabling the best of embedded and high-end graphics development.
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Intel Corporation
Main Exhibitor
We’ve got the name-brand software and hardware products you want, from industry leaders like Adobe, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Meru Networks, and VMware - all at discounted academic prices. You’ll get incredible prices, the best customer service, the fastest quote turnaround, prompt order fulfillment, and the friendliest sales representatives.
803, 812
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NVIDIA Corporation
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PNY Technologies
PNY and key partners will demonstrate and discuss why NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics boards are the perfect solutions for: • Animation • Digital Content Creation • On air broadcast graphics • Visual effects • Film color grading • Professional VR production workflow • Visualization • Scaled multi-GPU rendering PNY provides unsurpassed service and commitment to its customers. Offering pre-and post-sales assistance, toll-free technical support, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.
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