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170 CGAL - The Computational Geometry Algorithms Library
953 CGWAVE Inc.
CGWAVE, Inc. is a company which mainly specializes in developing an interactive Virtual Reality solution. We have created S/W named WAVE3D, WAVE3D is designer-oriented authoring tool using real-time rendering techniques based on Direct X. CGWAVE is focusing on creating digital contents with Wave3D.. WAVE3D consists of three packages : WAVE3D full package, WAVE3D VR, WAVE3D Design Studio. CGWAVE is always considering the user’s convenience as a top priority. CGWAVE is trying to be the new wave in the 3D market as the name of our company indicates. Our ultimate goal is to be an international company and to be the core in the 3D industry someday.
966 CLO Virtual Fashion, Inc.
CLO Virtual Fashion is a pioneering venture with limitless possibilities in using an advanced virtual garment design and animation technology in fashion, film and game industries. "CLO 3D", our clothing sample CAD, can simulate the most look of real garments in 3D and enables us to achieve an effective real/virtual garment production process by cutting down the cost and shortening the period. "Marvelous Designer 2" enables to make virtual clothings very fast and efficiently. It also can simulate and animate them and produces digital contents and animations.
580 Campbell River Creative Industries Council
We are a not-for-profit society whose aim is to incubate and accelerate the growth of a cluster of creative industries in our community.
351 Cap Digital - France
Cap Digital is the French business cluster for digital transformation. Our 1067 members are primarily innovative SMEs but also major universities, higher education establishments, research labs, and corporations focused on a specific technology-driven industry.
807 Capilano University
Capilano University has been the first choice for studios in western Canada when looking for talented animators and animation designers. We have purposely kept our department small, in order to facilitate a unique learning environment. Established in 1994 to help build the local industry, the animation department now offers classical and 3D animation programs and will offer a new Visual Effects diploma program beginning this September. Our focus is on fundamentals and our expertise in career training has led to several successful ventures with universities in China, Malaysia and Mexico. Our new 30 million dollar, Nat and Flora Bosa Centre for Film and Animation is under construction and will be ready for our student within months. Visit our booth at SIGGRAPH, talk with our instructors, students and alumni and get to know us!
371 Cardboard (Google)
Come chat with the Cardboard team from Google. We'll have some Cardboard to give away too. We want everyone to experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and inexpensive way. That's the goal of the Cardboard project.
938 Centre for Digital Media
The Masters of Digital Media (MDM) Program is an innovative, industry-facing, full-time professional Master’s degree in entertainment technology and digital media. With input from academia and industry, the MDM Program's challenging curriculum is uniquely designed to transition students from diverse backgrounds into new and expanding digital media markets and opportunities.
611 Champlain College
The Champlain College MFA in Emergent Media explores the intersection of three contemporary trends in today’s world: global connectivity through growing Internet, mobile and broadcast networks; digital interactivity through increasingly complex games and other forms of “smart media;” and participatory communication through expanding social networks and real-time media.
135 Chaos Group
Chaos Group is a worldwide leader in computer graphics. We create the technology that helps artists and designers create photoreal imagery and animation for design, television, and feature films. Our physically-based rendering and simulation software is used daily by top design studios, architectural firms, advertising agencies, and visual effects companies around the globe. Our research and development in cloud rendering ,material scanning, and virtual reality is shaping the future of creative storytelling and digital design.
766 Codeplay Software Ltd.
In the semiconductor sector, Codeplay partners with leading chip manufacturers, such as AGEIA, Qualcomm and Movidius, helping them to exploit the full potential of their chipsets and accelerate time-to-market. Our high performance C/C++ compiler technology enables GPU product managers to bring breakthrough new technologies to their graphics processors, significantly reducing development time, costs and risks. Our compiler testing technologies enable the rapid testing of new compilers and languages, such as OpenCL and shader languages. And our expert compiler developers are ready to take on tough optimization and development projects, with years of experience working on graphics processor compilers.
725 Computer Graphics World
For 36 years, Computer Graphics World has been covering innovation in computer graphics technology across various industries. Film, Vfx, Animators, Game Developers, Graphic Artists, Scientists, Industrial Designers, and others whose work covers the breadth of high-end visual computing turn to CGW to stay abreast of the latest developments in the computer graphics industry. Every issue reaches over 38,000 active subscribers.
370 Consulate of Costa Rica - Procomer
Procomer is the commercial office of the government of Costa Rica. We are dedicated on the promotion of Costa Rican products and services in overseas markets. For this event we are looking to facilitate trade and business opportunities in the digital animation and gaming sectors. Companies from our country will be at our booth to present their products and services.
771 Crimson Forest Entertainment
689 CyberGlove Systems
Cyber Glove Systems is the worldwide leader in data glove technology and offers the most sophisticated hand-centric 3D motion capture solutions in the marketplace. CyberGlove Systems' products include four different data glove solutions and its VirtualHand Software Development Kit (SDK). Its products allow users to capture detailed finger, hand, and arm movement in virtual reality, allowing users to interact with digital objects in the virtual environment
250 cebas Visual Technology Inc.
cebas Visual Technology Inc. exhibits powerful rendering, particles, destruction and special-effects software for 3ds Max and Maya.