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715 EMC Isilon
EMC© Isilon is the global leader in scale-out NAS. We deliver powerful yet simple solutions for enterprises that want to manage their data, not their storage. Isilon’s products are simple to install, manage and scale, at any size. And, unlike traditional enterprise storage, Isilon stays simple no matter how much storage is added, how much performance is required or how business needs change in the future. We're challenging enterprises to think differently about their storage, because when they do, they'll recognize there’s a better, simpler way. Learn what we mean at
947 Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Established in 1925, and based in Vancouver, BC, Emily Carr University of Art + Design is one of Canada’s premier, post-secondary universities specializing in undergraduate and graduate art and design education and research.
147 Entertainment Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center offers a two-year Master of Entertainment Technology Degree. Our mission is to foster leadership in education and research that combines technology and fine arts to create new processes, tools, and a vision for storytelling and entertainment.
940 EnvisionTEC
EnvisionTEC makes rapid prototyping and manufacturing systems. Our machines are four to five times faster with finer tolerance and more materials. These are the systems of choice for making figures, toys, models, fantasy shapes, and exquisitely crafted models. The newly introduced ULTRA machine is geared with the rapid prototyper in mind. It's designed to outperform existing 3D printing products in build speed, surface quality, and material choices.
273 Eos Systems Inc.
Eos Systems is the developer of image-based modeling and close-range-photogrammetry software, PhotoModeler.