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957 4DDynamics
766 Codeplay Software Ltd.
In the semiconductor sector, Codeplay partners with leading chip manufacturers, such as AGEIA, Qualcomm and Movidius, helping them to exploit the full potential of their chipsets and accelerate time-to-market. Our high performance C/C++ compiler technology enables GPU product managers to bring breakthrough new technologies to their graphics processors, significantly reducing development time, costs and risks. Our compiler testing technologies enable the rapid testing of new compilers and languages, such as OpenCL and shader languages. And our expert compiler developers are ready to take on tough optimization and development projects, with years of experience working on graphics processor compilers.
370 Consulate of Costa Rica - Procomer
Procomer is the official institution of the government of Costa Rica dedicated on the promotion of trade and business opportunities between Costa Rica and Canada. There is a Free Trade Agreement between our country and Canada which makes it attractive for companies that want to invest or find business opportunities in Costa Rica. Exhibitors that will be present in our booth (370): Costa Rica Animation Holding (CRAH): - Figueroa Producciones - Spacedog - Quinema Prodducciones - Morpho - Studio Flex - Marte Studio Procomer (Costa Rica Export Promotion Agency): Mr. Itzamn Huelat Tel: 416-865-3382
Hardcore Processing
Hardcore Processing will be advertising its upcoming product, CeX3D Inverse, that can create 3D models from images automatically. The CeX3D Product website is:
Laster Technologies
LASTER is a pioneer company specializing in informative eyewear display technology for Augmented Reality (AR). LASTER’s products, recognized today as the AR display products with the best quality and optical performance, uses a clear-glass image screen, overlays virtual 3D objects onto the real world, and brings a unique experience of enhanced vision and augmented reality. Our products are used in military, civil-security, industrial maintenance, and medicine applications. LASTER develops and produces enhanced vision spectacles, helmets, and goggles for the professional and the consumer markets. For more information, please visit our website :
Organic Motion, Inc.
Organic Motion, Inc. is a leading innovator of computer vision and highly advanced markerless motion capture systems. The company's core technology dramatically increases a computer's ability to “see” and understand the motion of humans and other living organisms to generate highly accurate 3D tracking data in real-time, without using bodysuits or markers. Organic Motion leverages its patent-pending technology in three turnkey solutions: OpenSTAGE, STAGE, and BioSTAGE. For additional information, please visit
PO-MO Inc.
PO-MO Inc. specializes in interactive applications - for web, broadcast or live events - that directly engage your audience. We create everything from digital signage to entire live installation environments, all of which can be user-manipulated. Through motion, mobile devices, and laser control, your audience becomes immersed in your message, creating a hands-on real time experience that’s anything but ‘virtual’.
979 Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5
Pond5, Inc.
The World’s Stock Media Marketplace. Over 1 Million royalty-free HD / 2K / 4K video clips, music tracks, photos, Illustrations, sound effects and customizable After Effects projects and 3D Models. Stock media for all production needs. Search, purchase and downloaded immediately. The fastest interface out there, real customer service, best prices (starting at just $5), and free stock media weekly! Producers: upload and sell your pro content, set your prices and earn 50% on all sales (highest industry payout).
851 Purdue University
3D Stereoscopic Production / 2D to 3D conversion With 3D conversion technology, convert contents to be utilized in commercial applications such as motion pictures, home entertainment, animation,concerts, sporting events, broadcast television,advertising and smart phones.
Technology Joint Corporation

At TJC our mission is to expand the possibilities of computer graphics technology with a focus on three fields, namely computer graphics, multimedia and security, and to present them to the world. Our employees have many years of experience dealing with CG, CAD/CAM/CAE technologies, and we continue to focus primarily on live person support while offering product and technology consultation and engaging in the import/export, development and sales of products.

At SIGGRAPH 2011, we would like to present you our latest software - RhinoAR - an AR plug-in for Rhinoceros which brings your modeling experience to a new horizon. RhinoAR, equipped with a new breed of hybrid AR engine which inherits the bests from both marker and marker-less tracking, enables you to easily evaluate the dimensions, look and feel of the model you are working on with surrounding (even remote) environment right in your viewport!

Also you will see "Hayabusa Renderer 2.0 for Rhino", which is a plug-in rendering application for "3D NURBS Modeler of Rhinoceros 4.0". "Hayabusa" utilizes advanced visualization technology from the Japanese company "nTechnology" to provide real-time rendering performance with maximimizing the GPU's capability. Hayabusa lets you see the final rendered image at all times, contributing considerably to the efficiency and productivity of the design process. For more information, please visit, and

388 WorldViz
479 Zygote Media Group, Inc.
Zygote Media Group provides the industry's leading 3D content and service for the Bio-Medical, Broadcast Commercial, Game, and Feature Film markets. Driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to our customers, Zygote's team provides world class 3d content and services at competitive prices. Zygote's top-quality services include: - Modeling - Texturing - Rigging - Animation - Rendering - Compositing - Effects With over 10 years of development, Zygote's library of licensable content boasts the most comprehensive collections of anatomical 3D content available. Everything under the skin-Everything out of this world...A God's eye view of the universe.
cebas Visual Technology Inc.
cebas' advanced tools allow users to achieve realistic and compelling visual effects that are scientifically accurate and engineered entirely based on physics. Its software drives critical VFX (visual effects) scenes in major recent motion pictures such as "Oblivion", "Iron Man" Sequel 2 and 3, “Spiderman” Sequels 3 and 4, “Snow white and the Huntsman”, “The Avengers”, “Battleship”, “Red Tails”, “Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance”, “Final Destination 5”, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I and II”, “Transformers 3D”,“Green Lantern”, “Thor 3D”, “2012”, “Alice in Wonder Land”, “The Last Air Bender”, “GI Joe” and many others.