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1014 IATSE
142 IdN World
For 15 years, IdN (International designer’s Network) magazine has been devoted to the international design and creative publishing industry. IdN's mission is to amplify and unify the design communities of the world.
129 Imagination Technologies
Imagination Technologies is an international leader in the creation and licensing of semiconductor system-on-chip Intellectual Property. Imagination’s technology across the areas of graphics, video, display, communications, connectivity and processing is licensed by leading semiconductor companies and used in iconic products from many of the best known consumer product brands. Imagination’s Caustic Professional technologies are enabling a real time ray tracing visualisation for graphics professionals. PowerVR is the leading mobile and embedded graphics technology shipped in over 850m products. Imagination provides free SDKs and tools for developers, creatives and education enabling the best of embedded and high-end graphics development.
1015 Imagineer Systems / Boris FX
578 IntegrityWare, Inc.
A company specializing in providing 3D graphics and geometric modeling technology solutions.
329 Intel Corporation
609 iDesign Solutions