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CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D. 3D Graphics and animation software including modelling, rendering and animation. Interfacing with numerous software packages. 3D for the real world.
463 MPC
252 Measurand Inc.
Be Realistic with Measurand's ShapeHand and ShapeWrap III motion capture solutions. Cost effective and ideal for educational institutions.
351 Mercenaries Engineering
Mercenaries Engineering is dedicated to developing high-end innovative software specifically designed for the animation and the VFX industries. Guerilla Render is a production-proven assembly, look development, lighting and rendering solution, which counts as recent references the feature films The Little Prince, Mune or the Playmobil Super4 series
351 Mikros Image
As a major French post-production house, Mikros Image will show his latest works for commercials and features films, empowered with in-house tools and techniques.
617 Motion Analysis Corporation
Motion Analysis Corporation is one of the world's largest manufacturers of high performance optical mocap systems that measure motion for animation production, movement analysis, and industrial applications.
690 Muuun Technologies Inc.