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3411 DIGITZfilm
DIGITZfilm is an animation studio that creates content for feature film, television, video games, and brand licensing using CGI and 2D animation. Company experience includes Disney, Warner Brothers, and Dreamworks.
2007 Darkworks
Experience games in 3-D, real-time, with natural colors, on any TV screen! Darkworks has partnered with a Computer Vision and Stereoscopy specialist, to release the TriOviz SDK for Games, available for PC, PlayStation™ 3 and Xbox 360™, using the patent-pending TriOviz technology, also available for cinema and television.
3009 Dassault Systemes 3DVIA
3DVIA is Dassault Systemes' brand for life-like 3D product experiences. 3DVIA extends 3D to new users, businesses, and consumers in order to create new communities with 3D as the common language.
3605 DigiPen Institute of Technology
2800 Digital Domain
Digital Domain is an Academy Award®-winning digital production studio focused on visual effects for feature film and advertising production.
3707 Dimensional Imaging [DI4D]
Dimensional Imaging (DI4D) is an advanced technology company delivering world-leading 3D facial imaging and 4D facial performance capture systems, software and services to the entertainment and research sectors. Its global customer base includes Sony Computer Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Imperial College London and Dallas Children’s Hospital. Since its inception in 2003, DI4D has established a reputation for providing the highest possible fidelity facial performance capture for triple A video game, movie, TV and research projects. ‘Quantum Break’ by Remedy Entertainment, is a particularly significant recent project, being the first to utilize DI4D facial performance capture to provide several hours of highly realistic in-game facial animation. For more information visit
2900 Downtown Development District