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546 BOXX Technologies, Inc.
926 Ballistic Media Pty. Ltd.
Ballistic Media and the CGSociety. Ballistic is an independent publisher of books for the digital arts industry, dedicated to producing the highest quality publications celebrating the talents of digital artists worldwide. Ballistic manages and is the parent company to the CGSociety (The Computer Graphics Society), considered the world's largest online forum for professional and aspiring digital artists.
212 Baton Rouge Digital Industries Consortium
1501 Beijing Fontelysee FIlm & TV Media Co., Ltd.
1123 Bell Computer
Workstation and render nodes rental and purchase. One week to six months rental available. Intel Quad-core Xeon and Intel Quad-core Core 2 Quad CPU now shipping.
226 BiTMICRO Networks, Inc.
BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. develops flash disk, solid state disk (SSD), network storage, and file cache solid state storage solutions in 2.5" and 3.5" hard disk drive (HDD) footprint and 19" rackmount configurations.
1309 Blue Sky Studios, Inc.
Blue Sky Studios, Inc., a unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, is an Oscar Award-winning animation studio.
955 BlueArc Corporation
BlueArc Corporation provides cost-effective, intelligent tiered storage solutions with industry-leading performance and scalability. We collaborate with partners to solve customers' storage and data-management business challenges while reducing the total cost of ownership.
311 Bunkspeed, Inc.
Bunkspeed, Inc. is a leading global provider of visualization software and services for design, engineering, and marketing.