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1039 SCAD
1517 SCREEN (S. Ten Nines California, LLC)
1460 Santa Monica College
1126 Scalable Display Technologies
Scalable Display Technologies develops and markets software that automatically calibrates and edge-blends multiple projectors into seamless digital displays.Our flagship application, EasyBlend™, makes it possible to display brilliant and accurate high-resolution images with a few clicks of a mouse over a wide range of surfaces.
1459 Scaleform Corporation
Scaleform Corporation is a leading provider of user-interface software for the videogame and consumer electronic industries.
1417 Sensics Inc.
Sensics offers professional-quality personal displays that combine panoramic field of view and high resolution, providing stunning image quality, unmatched immersion and realism. These breakthrough immersive displays are delivered either as lightweight, stereoscopic head-mounted displays, or as ultra-light display modules suitable for OEM/ODM use.
138 Shapeways
Shapeways is a new internet service where 3D creators can have their designs printed using 3D printing technology. Shapeways is different, as we combine very affordable prices (almost 50% lower than usual) with a helpful and creative community and a steadily growing variety of available materials.
1261 Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learni
1504 Silk Software Inc.
Silk Software Corp, headquartered in Tustin, California, with offices in China, provides affordable programming resources to the creative community and delivers customized software solutions to discrete companies. The services include: Flash Animation, Web 2.0 development, 2D/3D Art Production, Mobile Games, Casual Games Development, Q/A Testing. Industry knowledge, project flexibility, constant communication and team dedication are the solid foundation of our software development success.
719 Smith Micro Software
Smith Micro’s Graphics team develops powerful, affordable software that enhances visual communication and streamlines the creative process for digital artists and animators. Come by and see Anime Studio, Poser and CLIP STUDIO PAINT.
647 Softimage
Softimage delivers innovative 3D animation tools to digital artists in the games, film, and television industries.
1407 Solid Modeling Solutions
SMLib is a NURBS-based geometry modeling kernel, released in C++ source code, ideally suited for application developers who need accurate representation of complex 3D objects.
521 Sony Electronics Inc.
Sony Electronics Inc. will demonstrate the ultra-high processing capability of the Cell Computing Unit with a variety of applications and displayed on Sony's 4K SXRD projector.
701 Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.
Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc. is an award-winning, state-of-the-art digital production company dedicated to the art and artistry of visual effects and computer animation.
1536 SpeedSix Software Limited
Scorching effects plugins for high-end post production.
1533 SpeedTree
SpeedTree, winner of a Scientific and Technical Academy Award and an Engineering Emmy, and featured in dozens of blockbuster movies and hundreds of the best video games since 2003, delivers a unique combination of procedural and hand modeling options to enable rapid but extremely precise foliage creation. Models and animations may be exported in many popular formats, including OBJ, COLLADA, FBX and DAE. First launched in 2002, SpeedTree was created by Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (IDV), a privately held corporation founded in 1999 in Columbia, South Carolina.
1025 Spheron-VR AG
High-dynamic-range (HDR) light sources for your rendering scenes. Spheron-VR AG presents its solution to capture fully spherical HDR images in a single scan.
920 Springer
Come and browse key titles. Get 20% off print books and eBooks. Among our highlight publications are Image Registration, The Computer Graphics Manual, Principles of Digital Image Processing and cutting-edge journals such as International Journal of Computer Vision, Virtual Reality and The Visual Computer.
805 Stash Media Inc.
Stash Media Inc. is the monthly video showcase of animation, VFX, and motion graphics. Each issue is packed with innovative commercials, broadcast design, music videos, virals, branded content, game cinematics, and short films, plus behind-the-scenes material (including editorials, credits, and tech notes).
930 Studica, Inc.
Studica, Inc. is the education source for software and technology products.