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147 IBM Corporation
From image processing, modeling,rendering,digital video,reality-altering effects, and visualization, IBM Cell processors, high performance clusters, and Blade Workstations help you realize your vision.
831 IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Computer Society is the world's leading membership organization for computer science and technology. Serving over 60,000 members, the IEEE Computer Society is the trusted information, networking, and career-development source for a global community of technology leaders that includes researchers, educators, software engineers, IT professionals, employers, and Twitter URL: @ComputerSociety Facebook:
128 IMAGICA Corp.
IMAGICA Corp. of America (ICA) is showing the Primatte chromakey software and the new O-gi suite of image augmentation tools. Digital Vision, an IMAGICA partner, is demonstrating their chromakey plug-in Primatte for Film Master.
1329 INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique
INRIA is the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control which is organized in research project-teams. Bunraku is one of them whose research activities are devoted to the interation between real and virtual humans in virtual worlds.
916 IdN World
For 15 years, IdN (International designer’s Network) magazine has been devoted to the international design and creative publishing industry. IdN's mission is to amplify and unify the design communities of the world.
1229 Image Metrics
Image Metrics provides superior facial animation services to the interactive entertainment and film industries. Developed by a team of computer vision Ph.D.s, Image Metrics rapidly re-creates facial performances without markers or makeup, achieving levels of realism and fidelity that are unparalleled in computer graphics. Image Metrics’ solutions enjoy widespread adoption by some of the best-known production studios in the entertainment world, including Digital Domain, Ubisoft, EA, Rockstar Games and Sony Computer Entertainment. Image Metrics has offices in Santa Monica, California and Manchester, U.K.
1347 ImageMovers Digital
229 Imagi Studios
Imagi Studios' mission is to create a library of high-quality CG-animated feature films to entertain global audiences and to build enduring brand franchises.
1505 Imagine Magazine
1422 Immersion Corporation
CyberGlove systems capture and digitize hand and finger motion for character animation. New recording software speeds production by synchronizing mocap data from many devices.
962 Immersive Media Corp.
IMC produces and distributes truly interactive, 360° video with its patented, spherical video cameras. Users explore their Immersive experience, going beyond the traditional one-click and “play” online video.
1001 IntegrityWare, Inc.
A company specializing in providing 3D graphics and geometric modeling technology solutions.
511 Intel Corporation
127 Intelligraphics Inc.
Based in Richardson, Texas, Intelligraphics Inc. is a provider of OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Direct3D, video, and image-processing development and consulting services since 1992. We can troubleshoot most any engineering problem, provide detailed bids for end-to-end projects, or add the finest senior-level manpower to work as an extension of your existing team.
211 InterSense
InterSense is a precision motion technology company delivering real time tracking capabilities bringing higher speed and quality to visually interactive applications.
1411 International Academy of Design & Technology
1419 iPi Soft
iPi Soft's flagship product is iPi Desktop Motion Capture, an affordable, markerless motion-capture technology that runs on typical PCs and uses web cams.
158 iZ3D LLC
iZ3D LLC develops and markets iZ3D brand 22-inch widescreen 3D monitors for home entertainment and professional visualization applications. Interest in 3D visualization technologies is rapidly increasing. iZ3D specializes in the design and engineering of 3D visualization products, and targets gamers, graphic designers and home entertainment as its markets.