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126 R/GA Media Group Limited
761 RapidMind Inc.
RapidMind provides the award-winning RapidMind Multi-core Development Platform that simplifies the development of parallel applications, minimizing the impact on traditional lifecycle costs and timelines. Developers of HPC and enterprise software are using RapidMind today to create manageable, single-threaded applications that leverage the full potential of multi-core processors from AMD® and Intel® and to seamlessly take advantage of the application acceleration available from GPUs and the Cell Broadband Engine™. For more information on RapidMind, visit
228 RayScale, LLC
1455 Red Eye Studio
Red Eye Studio is the Midwest’s most experienced service based motion capture studio. Our state-of-the-art, performance and capture studio has been in business since 2001 and it shows. We are highly skilled professionals in motion capture, rigging, and animation. Red Eye Studio is designed to fulfill every animator or clients needs whether it is for film, television, video games, broadcast, medical, trial, educational productions, or research and development.
114 RedEye ARC
RedEye ARC, a business unit of Stratasys, builds durable, detailed architectural models using 3D printing technology. RedEye ARC was established to answer the growing demand of the Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry for accurate, highly detailed models that are built in days, not months.
451 Renderosity
The largest CG artist community on the web. Galleries, marketplace, free stuff, tutorials, forums, industry news and much more. Membership is FREE!
931 Rhythm & Hues Studios
Founded in 1987, Rhythm & Hues Studios is an Academy Award-winning visual effects and animation facility headquartered in El Segundo, California, serving the entertainment and advertising industries.
1117 Ringling College of Art and Design
For over 85 years, Ringling College of Art and Design has cultivated the creative spirit in students from around the globe. Our rigorous curriculum employs the studio model of teaching and immediately engages students through a comprehensive, first-year program that is both specific to the major of study and focused on the liberal arts. The Ringling College teaching model ultimately shapes students into highly employable and globally aware artists and designers.
1366 Robert McNeel & Associates
Rhino, an advanced NURBS curve, surface, and solid modeler for Windows.
137 Rochester Institute of Technology-School of Film and Animation
Please join the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science, the Interactive Games & Media department, the Film Video & Animation program, and the New Media Design & Imaging program to hear about the creative and innovative work that RIT is doing in interactive graphics, animation, film, imaging, special effects, and games.
1456 Rocketbox Studios GmbH
Rocketbox Studios GmbH creates and sells high-quality 3D model libraries of animated characters and animals, and does custom creation of realistic characters and motion capture animations.