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240 Gamecaster, Inc.
Gamecaster, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of virtual camera control technology for the film, television and video game industries, and an organizer and producer of video game tournaments and related television programs for broadcast worldwide in multiple media.
1110 Gear6
1536 GenArts, Inc.
For over a decade, GenArts' Sapphire Plug-ins have set the industry standard for sophisticated, organic 2D visual effects. Widely recommended for their unrivaled image quality and organic look, Sapphire Plug-ins natively integrate within leading editing and compositing systems, becoming an essential and powerful extension to Autodesk turnkey systems and Combustion, Avid AVX products, Apple's Shake and FCP, Adobe After Effects, Eyeon Fusion and Quantel systems among others. Continuing to innovate in 2008, GenArts introduces Sapphire Plug-ins for Apple's FxPlug products and OFX. See the next evolution of cutting-edge visual effects for advanced digital artists at Siggraph 2008.
1329 Gobelins, l'ecole de l'image
Gobelins, l’école de l’image – a school of visual communication affiliated with the CCIP – provides training in the fields of photography, communication and industrial graphics , video and multimedia, as well as animation.
447 Graduate School of Culture Technology
KAIST Graduate School of Culture Technology (GSCT) was established with the intent to emphasize the collaboration of different disciplines such as technology, liberal arts, business, art, and design.
1514 Gyeonggi Digital Contents Academy