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LAIKA is an animation company specializing in feature films, commercials, music videos, broadcast series, interactive content, broadcast graphics and short films. Owned by Nike co-founder and Chairman Philip H. Knight, the company is located in Portland, Oregon. LAIKA has a 30-year animation history presenting the artistry of award-winning filmmakers, designers and animators. In addition to numerous international honors, the company has won two Academy Awards, 11 Emmy Awards, 11 Clio Awards, three London International Advertising and Design Awards, five Mobius Advertising Awards and two Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival awards. LAIKA’s entertainment division produces animated feature films. Its first movie, Coraline, debuted February 6, 2009. LAIKA/house produces animated commercials, branded content, interactive media and short films for companies around the globe. For more information about the company or to view recent work, please visit Career information:
560 Lenovo
As a global leader in the computer hardware industry, Lenovo offers an exciting new portfolio of workstation products for customers needing the ultimate workstation computing experience.
129 Lightcraft Technology
Lightcraft Technology is the developer of the Previzion real time photorealistic virtual studio system.
1468 Lightspeed Design, Inc.
Lightspeed Design, Inc. is featuring its new DepthQ Polarization Modulator for single-lens HD 3D projection solutions. The DepthQ Polarization Modulator electronically switches the polarization orientation of light passing through it. In combination with a polarization-preserving screen and a single-lens stereoscopic 3D projector, the modulator enables high-brightness, low-ghost viewing using lightweight and comfortable passive 3D eyewear.
1160 Lightworks
216 Louisiana State University, Center for Computation & Technology
The LSU CCT is an innovative and interdisciplinary research environment for advancing computational sciences, technologies, and the disciplines they touch. LSU recently established the Arts, Visualization, Advanced Technologies and Research (AVATAR) Initiative creating new research areas in virtual environments, digital art, electro-acoustic music, animation, video game design, and scientific visualization (
335 Lucasfilm Ltd.
Lucasfilm Singapore offers a unique opportunity to work in an integrated digital studio in Asia. There are three divisions within the Singapore studio – Lucasfilm Animation Singapore producing TV and Feature Animation, ILM Singapore producing world-class visual effects for feature films and the game publishing division, LucasArts Singapore.
118 Lumiscaphe
Solutions for Digital Aspect Mockup creation and management, through real-time 3D technology, for design, marketing and sales uses.
253, Inc.
English: offers training videos on After Effects, Maya, Photoshop, Flash, web design, and many other topics. Convenient online subscription library teaches all the latest software tools.