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1329 HD3D
Integrated production software for production tracking, asset management, network and media security, standardized file formats, calibration and color perception, and render jobs dispatcher. Partners include: Duran, Duboi, Eclair, LTC, Mikros Image, Mac Guff Ligne, Attitude Studio, 2 Minutes, TeamTO, and France Télécom.
932 HPC Systems, Inc.
HPC Systems, Inc. enages in the design and integration of high performance computing servers, workstation and storage systems.
1515 HUONE
HUONE provides software solutions of OpenVG, OpenGL ES, OpenGL SC and SVG with engineering services.
739 Hewlett Packard Company
Hewlett Packard Company workstations provide performance that gives you more time to be creative.
124 Hongik University - SunnyGraphy Inc.
With "EL, the 3D i-board", teachers can easily prepare 3D lecture notes. This makes learning more exciting, responsive, and immersive.