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E06/F07 DCIPO, Institute of Information Industry
DCIPO, Institute of Information Industry (III) has been in the role of planning and promoting public policies related to information and digital content industries in Taiwan. Besides, III has focused on establishing the environment for digital economy, driving the sustainable growth of information industry and cultivating talents. III cooperates with Animation studios and Academic institutes this year and exhibits their outstanding animations and other visual artworks in order to link up with the world via SIGGRAPH Asia 2017.
E21 DTlabz
Data Design Co., Ltd.
E10 Digital Magic Effects House Co., Ltd
Digital offered one-stop services for digital creation, supporting every specific stage of pre-prodution, production and post-production from finely-crafted commercial to large-scale VFX for all film industry.
B10 Dream Search C&C
Dream Search C&C makes family entertainment contents that can be enjoyed by all age groups. We are the producer of the second largest animation blockbuster movie in Korean film history and have many other exciting animation film line-ups. Without our passion and creativity sparked by technology, Dream Search C&C will strive to be the top leading Korean family entertainment company.
- Dropzone Entertainment Co., Ltd.