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D19 MCube
We are a 3D Animation Production Studio based in Malaysia. Specializing in producing 3D animation for broadcast and feature films. We can provide end to end animation production services 3D CG with Characters and Background Design, Props & Assets Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Visual Effects, Rendering and Compositing.
D19 Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation
Realizing the importance of the ecosystem of development and growth, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) embarked on a close working relationship with partners to create awareness, workshops and programmes within the industry. This also includes creating platforms and bringing Malaysian companies to new markets and international events to showcase Malaysia's world class content and services. MDEC pursues a digital future that unlocks significant economic, environmental and social value within the nation. MDEC is entrusted to oversee the development and growth of local tech & creative companies whilst attracting foreign & local direct investments (FDIs & DDIs).
D02 Meshmellow Ltd
Meshmellow is a graphics communication platform.
B10 Mofac Inc
Mofac has a solid background in VFX and commercials. with works for over 200 films and 100 trailers in the span of 20 years.