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Animation Studio.
IDD-CDT are the first joint effort to develop academic programs by the leading Thai Digital content industry, represented by the Digital Innovation Design and Technology Center (DIDTC), Thammasat University and DigiPen Institute of Technology, USA.
E10 Thai Animation & Computer Graphics Association (TACGA)
C06 The Eyes Co., Ltd.
Interactive Wall Slim Hologram
Program Sponsor (CAF Gold Sponsor) The Foundry Visionmongers
Developers of innovative CG, VFX, VR and 3D design software.
Exhibitor Talk (29 November)
The Khronos Group
Khronos Group was founded in 2000 to provide a structure for key industry players to cooperate in the creation of open standards that deliver on the promise of cross-platform technology. Today, Khronos is a not for profit, member-funded consortium that creates royalty-free open standards for graphics, parallel computing, vision processing, and dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms, from the desktop to embedded and safety critical devices. Khronos APIs are key technologies in their respective markets, such as Vulkan and OpenGL in graphics and gaming, WebGL in 3D web graphics, and OpenVX and OpenCL in embedded vision and compute.
Program Sponsor (Student Volunteer) The Monk Studio Co., Ltd.
The Monk Studio was established in 2006 and has grown to become a studio of diversity for animators and CG artists. Our staffs include some of finest and experienced CG professionals from all around the world. Our mission is to focus on producing world-class imagery using highly skilled artists and cutting edge technology. We are story tellers whose mission is to entertain viewers around the world. The company also has a library of its own original contents under development.
C06 The Post Bangkok Co., Ltd.
Digital content in the Advertising and Entertainment industries,TV Commercials Post-Production , VFX , CG , Animation.
B06 (Bronze Sponsor)
Tsinghua University - Tencent Joint Laboratory
Tsinghua University - Tencent Joint Laboratory was founded in Beijing in December 2010. Tencent's different business segments, such as WeChat, QQ, Map, Video, Game, AD, and so on, conduct in-depth cooperation with many departments of Tsinghua University on research collaboration, academic exchange and talent cultivation. This cooperation focuses on the areas of AI, social network, mass data, network security, Internet+ interdisciplinary innovative technology, and so on, and contributes a lot to the business development of Tencent and discipline construction of Tsinghua University.
Publications Sponsor
Tsinghua University Press Ltd