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Program Sponsor (Technical Papers)
Adobe Systems, Inc
With more than 120 world-class research scientists and engineers, Adobe Research blends cutting-edge academic discovery with industry impact. Our scientists are provided with the resources, support, and freedom to shape their ideas into innovative technologies. They collaborate with colleagues at over fifty universities, often presenting their work at international conferences. Many of our researchers’ discoveries are incorporated into Adobe’s products, building the company’s reputation as a pioneer in content and data intelligence. Today, Adobe Research is growing in new areas, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, immersive media, document intelligence, analytics, and data mining.
"ArtFX is a private university teaching digital arts (CGI, VFX, 3D animation), video games and 3D programming. Ranked 4th best VFX school & 8th best 3D animation school in the world. Programs: Digital Director Diploma (Master's degree equivalent) - Specializations: VFX, 3D animation, CGI, Game Design & Game Art Professional Certification - Specializations: Game Art & Game Design / 3D and Video Game Programming Facebook : @ArtFX // Twitter : @artfx3d // LinkedIn : @art-fx // Vimeo : @artfx"