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C06 PRO - toys Co., Ltd.
VR 360 Degrees for Filming and Events
F05 Pi Square Co., Ltd
Pi Square is dedicated to providing innovative interactive computer graphics technologies. Our revolutionary production pipeline, PiStage, enables you to 1000x faster rendering speed with 90% cheaper hardware cost. We also provide consulting services for animation, interactive media and AR/VR projects.
D19 Pixelline Production Sdn Bhd
A studio speicalizing in CG animation & post-production. Since the establishment in 2014, the studio has been working closely with partners across Asia, such as Korea, China, India as well as the South East Asian region.
E06 Pumpkin Studio
Pumpkin Studio mainly focus on developing VR co-op gaming content/industrial simulation VR contant/product line training VR content. We introduce "Taboo", the interactive movie VR co-op game that can support up to 8 players for VR arcade shop.