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SOFA Consortium
SOFA is an open-source framework primarily targeted at real-time simulation, with an emphasis on medical simulation. The SOFA consortium is a non-profit organization aiming at gathering partners willing to collaborate and share the costs associated with the maintenance, coordination of the developments and animation of the open-source community. The consortium also works at standardizing and making SOFA always more stable. More info:"
Program Sponsor (CAF) Seoul Business Agency
E01 Shenzhen Rayvision Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Rayvision Technology Co., Ltd. is a global technology company specialized cloud computing services for rendering in the entertainment industry. Pioneering the world's premier self-service cloud render farm, Renderbus and FoxRenderfarm are the leading commercial render farms in the world with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.
Exhibitor Talk (30 November)
SideFX Houdini Software
SideFX is the developer of the award-winning 3D software HOUDINI - which is used by leading film, TV, advertising, VR, and video game studios for 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, character FX, lighting, rendering and game tools.
Simpitec Co., Ltd
Our company provide design, engineering, software & graphics development and system integration services to leading companies, specializing in retail establishments, events and exhibitions, museums and learning centers.
F11 Smart Venture Campus
C06 Socailizta Co., Ltd.
We make content, not ads. We work with brands and agencies to help them embark on a growth hacking track through adoption of Organic Online Video [OOV] as the core video strategy in their marketing mix. We do this through original programming and organic brand messaging which engages audiences and performs for marketers.
Program Sponsor (Student Volunteer)
Sticker Mule
E22 Studio Illuzion 
F11 Studio LUX Inc.
Suzhou VSOChina Network Technology Co., Ltd
VSOCLOUD is designed and developed by LandHigh Tech, and it is a brand new business incubator for the combined mode of internet technology, production of culture creation, and financial investment. This collaborative creation platform is supported by the leading media experience of Communication University of China, and “Tianhe” series super computer . We are devoted to incubate excellent cultural creation projects, makes young entrepreneurs’ dream come true.
B10 Synergy Media Inc
3D CGI Animation Studio (TV Series, shorts, theatrical feature)