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A11 Carnegie Mellon ETC
We offer a two-year Master of Entertainment Technology Degree.
E05 Cheers Inc.
Corporate training and consulting.
A07 College of Image Arts and Sciences, Ritsumeikan University
Located at the heart of Kyoto, College of Image Arts and Sciences, Ritsumeikan University is an educational institution, helping students aim for understanding how to produce a variety of media including film, video programme, mobile media, computer graphics and digital interactive entertainment. Having the strength of academic-industry collaborations, many of our faculty members are from media-related industries. As such, we can introduce a variety of line ups in media related products which has been developed thusfar. We are also at your service in international collaborations in development Kyoto or Japan themed film projects.
E12 Content Korea Lab Gwangju
F05 Creating Ideas Co., Ltd.
To help our customers beating the competition, we create our best ideas with awesome visual effects.
C06 Cyberrex Co., Ltd.
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Application; Customized Content Production, Interactive Content Development, 360 Video Production, Real Space : Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Showroom